ISInc created a captcha plugin to combat robot posts

RUaRobot? is definitely a question WordPress authors ask themselves from time to time, but they generally say No! There are a lot of comment robots out there. Let me tell you, we have to delete our fair share of posts. Akismet does a good job, but sometimes the spam gets through.

RUaRobot? creates a captcha generated using the fantastic KCAPTCHA library created by Kruglov Sergei ( . It also creates an audio version of the same captcha.

There are a couple of places that this plugin is handy:

  1. Comment Generation
  2. User Creation
  3. User Login

If you like the plugin, take a look at our classes!


This plugin is really easy to install. Just unzip it to your WordPress plugins folder /wp-common/plugins and away you go.

In order to enable RUaRobot? for user login and creation, you need to visit the configuration page.

In order to enable RUaRobot? for user comments, you need to add the following token to your comments.php template: <!–ruarobot–>

The plugin will replace this with the necessary code to combat those pesky robots!


You need WordPress 2.3 or greater (that is all I have tested it on so far)

PHP with the GD libraries installed. That’s it!


RUaRobot? v.1.0

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