Courses tagged with "EXCEL" at ISInc.

Course Name Number
Making Microsoft Office Files Accessible ISI-1520
Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI & PowerPivot for Excel ISI-1516
Visualizing Data with Tableau Level 2 ISI-1472B
Excel 2013-2016 Functions & Formulas ISI-1482C
Analyzing Data with Excel 20779B
Data Analysis Fundamentals using Excel 10994B
MOC On-Demand: Analyzing Data with Excel 20779MOD
MOC On-Demand: Data Analysis Fundamentals using Excel 10994MOD
PowerBI for Excel 2013-Report Builders, PowerBI Tools, Data Models, and DAX ISI-1491
Writing Analytical Queries for Business Intelligence 55232A
Excel 2013 - 2016 Power Query, Power View and Power Map ISI-1484
Excel 2013 - 2016 PowerPivot for End Users Level 1 ISI-1483
ASP.NET Web API Essentials Using C# ISI-1469
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 4 EXL16-4
Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 20467D
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3 EXL16-3
Microsoft Excel VBA - Level 2 EXLVBA-02
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2 EXL16-2
Essential Scrum ISI-1456
Microsoft Office 2016: Transition from Office 2007/2010 OFF16-T
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1 EXL16-1
SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence 55042A
Microsoft Office 2013: Transition from Office 2007/2010 ISI-1435
Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 4 EXL13-4
Microsoft Excel 2013-2016 PivotTables EXL13-P
Microsoft Excel VBA - Level 1 EXLVBA-01B
Excel 2010 PivotTables EXL-PB
Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 3 EXL13-3B
Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 2 EXL13-2B
Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 1 EXL13-1B
Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 3 EXL10-3B
Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 2 EXL10-2B
Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 1 EXL10-1B
Maximizing Excel 2010 PivotTable 50448B
Excel 2010 PowerPivot for End Users 50433B
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 Level 4 EXL10-4B
Microsoft Excel 2010 PowerPivot ISI-1339
Microsoft OneNote 2010 ONE-10
Visio 2010 Professional Level 2 VIS10-2

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