Adobe Captivate 12

The following is a list of available Adobe Captivate 12 classes at ISInc. If you do not see the course you are interested in, please contact us. We can setup dedicated, online and onsite classes too! Minimum students required: 4, Maximum students: 15

Course Number: CAPT-12A


Note this course is for Captivate 12. If you are looking for Captivate Classic please see class: CAPT-01E.
In this 2 day live, online, instructor-led virtual training session (vILT) empowers you to create your own interactive and engaging eLearning using Adobe Captivate 12 (also known as Adobe Captivate 2023, released mid-2023).
As the Adobe Captivate training starts, open a completed project and become familiar with the Captivate interface.
Build a soft skills eLearning project from scratch that includes slides, text, images, and interactive components such as navigation buttons.

During the Adobe Captivate training, create incredible software simulations of anything you can do on your computer. Along the way, learn the value of writing recording scripts, learn best practices for recording your screen, edit/enhance the recorded content, and publish the simulations for the widest possible audience. Add best-in-class interactivity to your Adobe Captivate projects by including quizzes and input fields with variables that allow you to personalize the training for each learner. Unleash the power of actions, advanced actions, and conditional advanced actions. Set up your Captivate projects so that learner interactions and quiz results are reported to SCORM and AICC-compliant Learning Management Systems. And learn how to make your project accessible by adding such best-in-class features as accessibility text and closed captions.

Students should have Captivate installed locally for this class.


Because of the amount of material we cover in class, we do require students to be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files, and the general operations of computers. While we will make every reasonable effort to help, students with insufficient skills may be required to observe the class lessons or do their best to keep up without slowing down the rest of the class. We highly recommend working with the application tutorial before coming to the course.

Students should have Captivate installed locally for this class.

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