Microsoft Outlook for Administrative Assistants

The following is a list of available Microsoft Outlook for Administrative Assistants classes at ISInc. If you do not see the course you are interested in, please contact us. We can setup dedicated, online and onsite classes too! Minimum students required: 4, Maximum students: 15

Course Number: ISI-1568


Whether you are an administrative assistant or wish to learn advanced techniques to manage your or others mailbox account, this course will give you the tools to be more productive and efficient.

A mailbox account in Outlook consists of not just email but also tasks, calendar, journal, contacts and more. Assistants must know how to share, access, and manage a coworker's mailbox inside Microsoft Outlook. Learning and creating custom views in addition to templates, rules, and Quick Steps will make managing multiple email accounts will contribute to your success.

Features and functions in Office 365 and Office 2019 / 2016 are nearly identical. For this reason, users for all three versions (365, 2019 and 2016) attend the same class. The instructor will explain the few visual differences in the versions to you; just let the instructor know what version you are using.

This class expands on the knowledge learned in Outlook Levels 1 and 2.


Students should be familiar with using personal computers and have used a mouse and keyboard. You should be comfortable in the Windows environment and be able to use Windows to manage information on your computer. Specifically, you should be able to launch and close programs; navigate to information stored on the computer; and manage files and folders.

To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following courses or have equivalent knowledge:

-Microsoft Outlook Levels 1 and 2

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Available classes for Microsoft Outlook for Administrative Assistants
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12/14/2023 12/14/2023 Seats Available 3 hours Live Online 1:00pm Enroll
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