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Course Number: ISI-1337C


Today, JavaScript is used in 89.9% of all websites, including the most heavily-trafficked sites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon. That's why every web developer should know how to use JavaScript. The problem is that JavaScript is surprisingly difficult to learn, not only for programming novices but also for experienced programmers. This five-day, instructor-led course makes it easier than ever to become an accomplished JavaScript programmer.

This course is intended for client-side programmers who want to master JavaScript, from the basics all the way through expert-level skills like working with closures, callbacks, namespaces, modules, custom properties, and JSON.

Then, the course builds on that base by presenting the additional skills that every JavaScript programmer must have. That includes working with arrays and web storage, creating and using your own object types in object-oriented applications, using regular expressions for data validation, and much more.
Finally, the course includes skills like how to bulletproof your applications by using closures, namespaces, and modules; how to make your functions more useful by using callbacks; and how to use JSON to transmit and store data. Then, you are introduced to jQuery which shows you how it can make your JavaScript code even better.


To get the most out of this course you'll need be familiar with HTML and CSS, and how to use these two technologies to create web pages. JavaScript lives inside the web browser, and it's used to interact with a web page loaded into the browser. So being able to write HTML and style it with CSS is an important skill to have before you learn JavaScript. Students should attend Course 1372B, Introduction to HTML5, CSS3 for Web Designers and Developers or have equivalent skills and knowledge.

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