Configuring and Operation an Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack

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Course Number: 20537A


This five-day course will provide students with the key knowledge required to deploy and configure Microsoft Azure Stack. Using handson
labs, students will learn the following:

-The key features and functionality of Microsoft Azure Stack.
-The differences between Microsoft Azure Stack, Microsoft Azure, and Windows Azure Pack.
-The architecture and components of Microsoft Azure Stack.
-How to deploy Microsoft Azure Stack.
-Windows Server Roles and Features used in Microsoft Azure Stack.
-How identity and authentication works in Microsoft Azure Stack.
-How Microsoft Azure Stack enables DevOps.
-How to create and manage Azure Resource Manager templates.
-How to create and manage Plans.
-How to create and manage Offers and Delegation.
-Manage the Marketplace in Microsoft Azure Stack.
-Software Defined Networking in Microsoft Azure Stack.
-Understand how storage is provisioned and managed in Microsoft Azure Stack.
-How to provision Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure Stack.
-Configuring Resource Providers in Microsoft Azure Stack.
-How to monitor and troubleshoot Microsoft Azure Stack.
-Understand how licensing and billing works in Microsoft Azure Stack.


Before attending this course, students must have:

-Working knowledge of Windows Server 2016.
-Working knowledge of SQL Server 2014.
-Working knowledge of Microsoft Azure.

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