MOC On-Demand: Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions

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Course Number: 20488MOD


Microsoft On-Demand

In this course, students learn core skills that are common to almost all SharePoint development activities. These include working with the server-side and client-side object models, developing and deploying features, solutions, and apps, managing identity and permissions, querying and updating list data, managing taxonomy, using workflow to manage business processes, and customizing the user interface.

The course is intended for professional developers who develop solutions for SharePoint products and technologies in a team-based, medium-sized to large development environment. While some familiarity with SharePoint solution development is required, candidates are not expected to have prior experience with the new features in SharePoint Server 2013.

The ideal candidate is a technical lead with at least four years of SharePoint and web development experience. The candidate is responsible for designing custom code for projects that are deployed to or interact with SharePoint environments. This includes:

- Selecting an appropriate approach and building customizations in SharePoint.
- Creating and implementing a strategy for solution packaging, deployment, and upgrading.
- Identifying SharePoint data and content structures for customizations.
- Performing diagnostics and debugging.
- Planning and designing applications for scalability and performance.
- Identifying and mitigating performance issues of customizations.
- Understanding authentication and authorization.
- Experience with Windows PowerShell.
- Broad familiarity with SharePoint capabilities.
- Familiarity with Online Services such as Azure and SharePoint Online.

MOC On-Demand is an integrated blend of video, text, hands-on labs, and knowledge checks, designed to help IT professionals and developers build their skills on Microsoft technologies. The courses provide a self-paced, stand-alone training alternative for those who prefer to learn at their own convenience. They can also be used in conjunction with instructor-led training to provide a blended classroom experience or be used as a foundation for a training solution that includes mentoring and other learning services.

Any labs associated with courses are delivered on the Microsoft Labs Online (MLO) platform via web browser. Students launch the labs directly from within the course; no additional set-up is required.

Please contact ISInc to purchase your license, each class license is valid for 3 months. Licenses are non-refundable.

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Before attending this course, students must have:

- A working knowledge of using Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012 to develop solutions.
- A basic working knowledge of SharePoint solution development, either in SharePoint 2013 or in earlier versions of SharePoint.
- A working knowledge of Visual C# and the .NET Framework 4.5.
- A basic understanding of ASP.NET and server-side web development technologies, including request/response and the page lifecycle.
- A basic understanding of AJAX and asynchronous programming techniques.
- A basic working knowledge of client-side web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
- Familiarity with approaches to authentication and authorization, including claims-based authentication.

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