Visualizing Data with Tableau Level 2

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Course Number: ISI-1472

Quickly generate simple to complex data graphics


Tableau is a revolutionary toolkit that lets you simply and effectively create high quality data visualizations. In this two day, instructor-led course, students will learn how to make the most of Tableau by connecting to various data sources and create different types of visualizations, including stacked bar charts, scatter plots and maps. You'll also learn about customizing Tableau's default settings for visualizations.

You'll find this course useful if you spend a lot of time conducting data analysis and creating reports. Students will learn the exact steps required to generate simple to complex graphics. Whether they are pie charts or box plots, you can create such graphics with ease and confidence; no more searching for scripts or laborious Excel hacks.

You'll start with getting your data into Tableau, move onto generating progressively complex graphics, and end with the finishing touches and packaging your work for distribution.
Learn how to create filled maps, use custom markers, add slider selectors, and create dashboards. You will learn how to manipulate data in various ways by applying various filters, logic, and calculating various aggregate measures. Then, you will learn how to create animated graphs and provide search box and drop-down selectors to users.


Before attending this course, students should have attended Course ISI-1470, Introduction to Tableau or have equivalent experience and skills.

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