Object-Oriented Programming Using C# Level 1

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Course Number: ISI-1457


After completing the two courses in this series, students will find have the core C# and Visual Studio skills needed to develop any C# application-whether for Windows, the web, or mobile devices.

New in these courses is an introductory module on the Entity Framework, material on lambdas, new VS 2015 features like Live Code Analysis and CodeLens, and new C# 6.0 features like expression-bodied functions, interpolated strings, and the null-conditional operator.

This five day, instructor-led course is appropriate to those who are new to programming or to Microsoft's .NET development environment, as well as experienced .NET developers who are new to C#. It is also appropriate if you have programming experience with another language like Java, C++, or COBOL.

This course starts you off using all the best features of Visual Studio 2015 so you can begin productive work almost immediately. Object-oriented programming is made clear as business objects are presented as customers, invoices and products, so you can see how OOP is used to create multi-tiered applications in the real world

The course builds your skills in incremental steps to teach you how to validate data, handle numeric, date and string data, work with loops, arrays and collections, code methods and event handlers, handle exceptions, work with text, binary and XML data


Before attending this course, students should have the following skills and knowledge:
-This course is appropriate for students new to the .NET environment
-This course is appropriate for students who have programming experience with another language like Java, C++ or COBOL.

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