Creating Accessible Adobe Acrobat DC PDF Documents

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Course Number: ISI-1446


This course covers the basics for creating and optimizing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files so that they can be made more accessible to users with disabilities. Federal law, Section 508 of US Rehabilitation Act, requires that individuals with disabilities must have access to and use of electronic information and data that is comparable to the access and use by individuals who do not have disabilities. This course is directed to those who develop or contribute content to the Internet, to help them comply with these on-line accessibility standards.


Students enrolling in this course should understand the basic concepts involved in working with a personal computer (PC). For example, students should be familiar with terms such as computer memory, data files, and program files. Students should also be familiar with the components that make up the PC, including input, output, and storage devices. Students should also be fairly comfortable working in a Windows environment. Students should know how to use the mouse, standard menus and commands, and how to open, save and close files.

This course is created for users who are familiar with the different applications described. Students should have experience with common office applications, such as word processing, spreadsheet and web browser applications, Adobe Acrobat and HTML

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