CompTIA A+ Certification - Comprehensive for All 2009 Exams

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Course Number: CT-01

Hands-on course that meets DoD 8570.1 training requirements


Unlike most seminar only courses that are available elsewhere, this class is hands-on. Students will work on computers and software, including Windows 7, during the class. Also, this course meets DoD 8570.1 training requirements.

If you are getting ready for a career as an entry-level information technology (IT) professional or personal computer (PC) service technician, the CompTIA A+ Certification course is the first step in your preparation. The course will build on your existing user-level knowledge and experience with personal computer software and hardware to present fundamental skills and concepts that you will use on the job.
You'll cover the essential principles of installing, building, upgrading, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimizing, diagnosing, and preventive maintenance, and you'll learn elements of customer service and communication skills necessary to work with clients.

This course will also prepare you for the CompTIA A+ exams. CompTIA's A+ certification is the industry standard for validating the foundational skills needed by today's computer support professionals. This international vendor-neutral certification requires that you pass two CompTIA exams (220-701 and 220-702).

The target student is anyone with basic computer user skills who is interested in obtaining a job as an IT professional or PC technician. Possible job environments include mobile or corporate settings with a high level of face-to face client interaction, remote-based work environments where client interaction, client training, operating systems, and connectivity issues are emphasized, or settings with limited customer interaction where hardware activities are emphasized. In addition, this course will help prepare students to achieve a CompTIA A+ Certification.


Students taking this course should have the following skills: end-user skills with Windows-based personal computers, including the ability to: browse and search for information on the Internet; start up, shut down, and log on to a computer and network; run programs; and move, copy, delete, and rename files in Windows Explorer. End-user skills with Windows-based personal computers and Basic knowledge of computing concepts

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