Advanced CSS Design with Dreamweaver CS3

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Course Number: ISI-1132

Learn the tips & techniques that make this such a powerful combination.


This course is aimed at the web professional that understands XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets but wants to harness their knowledge to build attractive, scalable, standards compliant, and accessible web layouts. This course builds on the concepts covered in ISI-1107, Web Design with HTML, CSS and XHTML but gives the user an advanced understanding in the intricacies and quirks involved in building CSS layouts. Students will learn on a project basis with four case studies. Each project begins with a graphical comp and teaches the student how to code that layout so that it works well in all browsers. This course showcases the features of Dreamweaver CS3, however students who currently use a prior version of Dreamweaver will still benefit greatly from taking this course.


Before attending this course, students should attend the course, Web Design with HTML, CSS, and XHTML or have equivalent knowledge. Students would benefit from some experience with a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks, though this is not required.

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