Web Site Design with HTML, CSS, XHTML & Dreamweaver

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Course Number: ISI-1107

Create accessible web pages the way professionals do.


In this course, students will learn to create an attractive and organized web site using basic and intermediate HTML and CSS. Students will go from learning basic tags and how to create hyperlinks to image placement, tables, frames, image maps, and forms. They then go on to use Cascading Style Sheets to control the look and placement of these HTML elements. Additionally, students learn about box properties, external style sheets, and how to create HTML source code that is both readable and upholds XHTML standards.
This course is meant to benefit students using any integrated development environment of their choosing. Students will have the option of using Dreamweaver or Expression Web to work on exercises during the course. All the concepts taught in this course can be completed using any simple text editor like notepad.
From beginning to end, participants will learn by doing their own HTML based projects. These projects, as well as the final project, will provide needed experience.
Introduction to HTML and CSS covers topics including HTML tags and attributes, links, images, tables, frames, forms, spans, divs, CSS style sheets, box properties, XHTML, and more.


Students enrolling in this course should have experience using web browsers and email. This course is meant for the complete I.T. beginner.

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