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Course Number: JAVASCP

Learn how to create dynamic web applications


This course is an introduction to JavaScript for those who do not have programming experience. We will extensively cover and review the core concepts of programming, like variables, if statements, for loops, and functions. We will work towards mastering these core programming concepts as well as accomplishing your goals with JavaScript.

If you want to make the leap from writing HTML and CSS web pages and learn how to create dynamic web applications, youre ready to learn the Web's hottest programming language: JavaScript. In this course, students will go beyond copying and pasting code from someone else's web site, to writing their own interactive web pages. This course starts where HTML and CSS leave off, and takes you through your first program into more complex programming conceptslike working directly with the web browsers object model and writing code that works on all modern browsers.
Dont be intimidated if youve never written a line of code before. This course doesnt skip steps or simply show you how to cut and paste code. Youll learn JavaScript and understand it.


Students enrolling in this course should have a strong understanding of HTML and should have a basic familiarity with Cascading Style Sheets. Students should attend the course, Introduction to HTML and CSS, or have an equivalent solid foundation in HTML and CSS.
Students should attend the course, Web Design with HTML, CSS & XHTML, Course No. 1107, or have an equivalent solid foundation in HTML and CSS.

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