Support Windows Vista Operating System & Applications

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Course Number: 5119

Use a Windows Vista operating system image and application package deployment


The purpose of this two-day course is to teach IT professionals how to use a Windows Vista operating system image and application package deployment infrastructure to minimize the downtime at the Windows Vista client. Desktop support technicians can use this infrastructure to improve the support experience in the following scenarios:

• New installations
• Single-computer migrations
• Single-computer reinstallations

The course also provides guidance on how to install application packages on Windows Vista computers for support scenarios that require application updates or reinstalls.


Students should have the following skills and knowledge: Be familiar with PC hardware and devices (the ability to look into device manager and look for unsupported devices); Basic Windows and Active Directory knowledge (domain user accounts, domain versus local user accounts, user profiles, and group membership); Experience with the following:Mapping network file shares (familiarity with UNC paths and mapping local resources to server/share); Installing applications from media (CD/DVD); Running commands from a command window (the DOS command prompt);Authoring and editing batch files; Burning or creating boot media (ISO); Configuring BIOS options (boot order); Reviewing logs. Understanding that there is a chronology, sequential order, severity, and so forth

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