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February 22 2008

Javascript Tools and Tricks

How many times have you banged your head against the keyboard trying to get a Javascript function to work, only to find out the problem was with your browser? There are a number of tools out there that will make your life easier. This is a list that has helped not only my hairline, but my sanity too! More »

February 4 2008

Do you know what users are doing on your website?

Have you ever had a question from your boss wondering what are the users really finding important on our website?

It becomes even more important if your website sells products. What do you spend your limited marketing dollars on? Do you focus on one product or a suite of products? Do you know if your campaign is successful or not? More »

January 23 2008

WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)

As you may have noticed, ISInc.com has gone through a major face lift. For years we were leveraging a home grown website that served us well. But, over time, we found it difficult when users needed to add content to the site. At that point, we started looking at open source projects that might be able to suit our needs.

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January 22 2008

A new ISInc.com!

After a couple months of work, we have finally rolled out the new www.isinc.com website!

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