Bringing Business Solutions to Life

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Course Number: ISI-1432


This 3-day instructor-led is for business analysts looking to improve the way they elicit, analyze, document and communicate requirements. From core fundamentals and technical design to quality assurance and implementation, Bringing Business Solutions to Life helps Business Analysts master all the important processes they are likely to encounter when launching new systems.

This workshop begins by reviewing the Business Analysts role throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, and then fills in all the important details. Every key theme along the way is taught using an experiential approach, including how Business Analysts can participate more effectively in the implementation process; how they can ensure that project requirements have been implemented completely; and what tools and techniques are available in the later phases of a project that can help ensure more successful implementations. This content is endorsed by IIBA.

Audience: Business Analysts interested in learning about those activities related to successfully launching a new system, with its accompanying process and organizational change.


Successful completion of the following courses or six months or more of practical business analysis experience. Familiarity with software systems analysis, design and implementation.
Business Analysis Theory and Practice, Course ISI-1231
-Survival Skills for Analysts, Course ISI-1376
-Mastering the Requirements Process, Course ISI-1377

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